Apple Patches Java Exploit That Bypassed The Disabled Plugin

Java has been taking a lot of heat over the last few months. Critics, government agencies and users alike have cited concerns towards the security of the software and a number of exploits in Java has surfaced recently. Apple has now dished out a patch for one particular Java exploit which lets the software run even when it is disabled.


Although Oracle has tried to tackle the entire fiasco by rolling out frequent patches and updates for Java, that has done little good. Every other day, a new security vulnerability is discovered in the software, ensuing outcries from the security firms.

One of the most effective solutions to tackle the whole issue is to simply disable Java on your browser. This has been suggested by Apple as well as the Homeland Department. However, when Apple users tried to implement this solution, it transpired that a flaw allowed Java to run even when it was disabled in the browser.

So Apple has now dished out a sizable update for its OS X users. The update takes care of a number of security issues and also patches the Java exploit which allows the bypass of the disabled plugin. Once the OS X users install the update, they can finally disable the Java plugin in their browsers and minimize the security vulnerability of their machines.

Courtesy: Slashdot

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