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Apple Seeds OS X 10.8 Beta To Developers, Adds Many New Features

Mac users have been envying over the oh-so-cool features of Apple’s iOS releases, particularly those of iOS 5. So, Apple has been trying to bring some of these features to the Mac so as to bring its two different operating systems together. Now, Apple has seeded the second developer preview of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion which comes with a lot of features from the iOS 5.

Much to the delight of Mac users, the OS X 10.8 beta contains a number of new features such as Notification Center, Game Center, Messages and AirPlay Mirroring. We have furnished brief details of some of these new features just so that you may know what exactly you should expect in the upcoming full release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

iCloud option in Safari:
Apple had earlier promised that it will soon be introducing iCloud tabs in its browser, Safari. And now, Apple has lived up to the promise. In the second developer preview, a user can open tabs in Safari while keeping them in sync across iOS devices as well as Macs. This is a really cool feature since this ensures a very smooth experience across multiple Apple devices, tooling different OS. You can start using the feature by clicking the iCloud button on Safari’s address bar.

Notification Center with Twitter:
Here are some really good news for avid tweeps. This preview allows developer and testers to receive their Twitter notifications straight to the Notification Center. The notifications are generated for mentions and direct messages on Twitter and can be viewed through the Notification Center panel.

Contacts access alert:
This one is a very useful feature, given the sheer amount of apps that try to access your contacts. With this feature, you are prompted every time an application tries to access your contacts. This is chiefly a result of the situation that resulted when Path app resulted in violation of iOS users’ privacy and created quite a melee for Apple.

You can head over straight to this page to download this second preview.

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