Apple’s Mac App Store Hits 100 Million Downloads

Being the platform which features the largest number of apps, it doesn’t come as a surprise that users have downloaded apps from Apple’s App Store more than 100 million times. Ever since it’s launch in January this year with a humble 1,000 software apps, the progress has been rapid and steady. Today, the Mac App Store hosts approximately 10,000 apps. Overall, the App Store has some 500,000 Apple apps available now.

With a rather rapid surge in the sales of Apple devices, from iPhone to iPad, there are literally millions of Apple users out there tooling these devices. And that number is increasing by every passing day. Apple started it’s App Store as a humble beginning to satiate the demands of the users who always want something new for their device. And now, what started with such humble beginnings has bloomed into something truly magnanimous.

500,000 apps for the App Store:
With Windows Phone apps at about 40,000 and Android apps still a lot less than 500,000, Apple is the leading company with the maximum number of apps available online for it’s devices. Apple officials declared, in a formal statement, that the total number of apps available for the App Store has finally crossed 500,000. And of course it’s growing very rapidly.

Hosting such a large number of apps, the other piece of news also doesn’t come as a surprise: that so far, Apple users have downloaded apps from the App Store some 100 ¬†million times. How many of these apps were paid for and what percentage of the downloads comprised of free apps hasn’t been revealed yet. But even if a meagre percentage of 100 million downloads was paid for, that’s make a smart sum.
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