Approach To Siri For Mac – Dragon Express – Speech Recognition Utility By Nuance

Its not exactly Siri For Mac. But more then any other Speech Recognition Utility we have ever seen. Its shows us more promise then similar Microsoft Voice Command. It created so much buzz because its from Nuance, the company behind Siri. Nuance Communications owns the technology Siri used, they also holds all the patent related to voice intelligence. Now the Dragon Express – Speech Recognition Utility is available for Mac. check the details with feature set below.

Its surely an approach to Siri for Desktop. We think Apple will test Siri for all other device very soon. They need to update hardware and work with their Cloud Technology, so the Cloud based intelligence could be used to recognize the command, only then it will be possible to turn speech recognition to voice command assistant. Because Siri is not just speech recognition program. Its intelligent. It understand, it respond, it develop it self, its cloud based. It process not entire from core system it process in cloud so its learning fast.

What is Dragon Express?
Dragon Express is an easy and fun speech recognition utility that introduces OS X Lion customers to voice recognition for the Mac. Put your words to work without the hassle of typing. Just speak and amazingly accurate results instantly appear in the Dragon Express window. You can dictate anything – even words that wouldn’t be found in any dictionary – since Dragon Express is customized to recognize your voice and the words you use.

Get Dragon Express:

You can purchase Dragon Express from the App Store for a limited time price of $49.99.
Mac App Store – Link

Turn Your Voice into Text
Simply open the Dragon Express utility and start talking. Your words will automatically begin to appear in the Dragon Express window. When you’re done, Dragon Express will place the transcribed text into the application of your choice.

Easy to Install, Simple to Use
Download Dragon Express, complete a two-minute enrollment so that the utility can better recognize your unique voice, and start dictating. It’s that easy. The utility is conveniently available at any time – since Dragon Express is loaded locally on your Mac, there’s no need for network connectivity. To dictate, simply invoke the menu bar icon and start talking. When you’re done, select the application in which you want your text to appear, and Dragon Express will place the text for you.

Amazing Accuracy
After a brief microphone set-up and voice training, users benefit from a trained profile customized for their unique voice. This profile yields better accuracy than a non-customized speech recognition tool, especially for users with accents. Add custom words to the Dragon Express vocabulary (such as acronyms and proper names) so that it is prepared to recognize the unique words and terms that you use.

Works with the Applications you Use Everyday
Dictate into the Dragon Express window and then route the transcribed text into any native OS X application on your Mac. It’s fast and easy to place your text wherever you need it: transfer icons within the Dragon Express window include the active application (such as Microsoft Word or Text Edit) as well as popular applications such as Mail, Facebook and Twitter. Or you copy it to the clipboard and paste it anywhere.

No Limit to Productivity
Dictate as much text as you’d like; there are no limitations on the amount of text you can dictate into the Dragon Express window. Dragon Express includes the ability to select and delete text by voice as well as the convenient “scratch that” command that can be used when you change your mind. But there’s no need to memorize voice commands – focus on capturing your thoughts and ideas instead.

Dragon Express Knows When to Listen
Dragon Express can be used with the internal microphone of your Mac, but a USB headset is recommended. (It is not designed to work with a wireless microphone or digital recorder.) Dragon Express “listens” for your voice when the Dragon Express window is open and stops transcribing your voice when you click off the window. When you invoke Dragon Express again, your text will be waiting in the window until you place it within a specific application – so you never need to worry about accidentally deleting or losing your text.

Screen Shots:

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