‘Cut The Rope’ By ZeptoLab Introduced To Mac App Store

If you think Angry Birds was the only hit-game with smartphone users, think again. If you are a smartphone user, you most probably would have played the popular game ‘Cut the rope.’ It’s basically a physics-based puzzler which is very engaging and has hooked millions of smartphone users. The good news for Mac users is that the game has now landed on Mac App Store with many enhanced features and more stunning graphics.

The popularity of the game can be gauged from the fact that within the first nine days of release, it was downloaded 1 million times. And it’s gross downloaded to date have exceeded the 100 million mark.

Mac users now get to have more than just a MacOS adaptation of the game. The game’s graphics have been enhanced and they are even more stunning in the Mac App Store version. According to the developers, the game has been specifically adapted for landscape screen orientation and the graphics can be displayed with crisp clarity on monitors with up to 2560 x 1440 resolution.

According to the CEO of ZeptoLab, Misha Lyalin, “We’re thrilled to bring Cut the Rope and Om Nom to MacOS users. Because many of the original levels were adapted or completely remade to suit the experience associated with desktop games, the MacOS version of Cut the Rope is truly unique.”

It is already available for iOS and Android smartphone devices and tablets.  The MacOS version of ‘Cut the Rope’ is available for $4.99. You can download it from Mac App Store here.

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