iOS And Mac OS X Come Closer With Notification Center In Mountain Lion

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In the latest OS X build released by Apple being called OS X Mountain Lion, a number of new features have been added. Experts say that a number of these features are aimed at bringing OS X and Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS close together. And this seems quite evident in some of the new features on OS X. One glaring example is that of Notification Center which was originally a part of iOS and has now been entirely ported to OS X.

The Notification Center send every new notification to your desktop in the form of a small pop-up. You are notified through this pop-up as soon as there’s a new notification. The pop-up goes away within five seconds. However, Mountain Lion gives you the option of changing the settings so that the notification may stay on your desktop as long as you don’t close it.

Another important aspect of the Notification Center is that even if you miss a certain notification on the run-time, you can access and view it by opening the Notification Center. Notification Center can be easily accessed by swiping across your screen to the left. Even if you are running full-screen apps, this swipe gesture will reveal the Notification Center. You can then remove any notifications and view older notifications there.

In the Notification Center, you get to have a System Preferences Pane. This is from where you control all the settings regarding the notifications, such as the frequency of alerts and the kinds of alerts that you want for specific kinds of notifications. For now, notifications are prompted over emails, messages, tweets, reminders, safari notifications and a lot more; and we are expecting that soon, third-party apps will also be supported for the notifications.

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