Mobee Power Bar: Rechargeable USB Battery Pack For Apple Magic TrackPad

If you are an avid user of Apple Magic TrackPad, you may find yourself in a fix when it’s battery runs out right when you are in the middle of the task. However, you may not have to face these qualms any more. Mobee has announced it’s product Mobee Power Bar. It’s a rechargeable USB battery pack, that takes 6 hours to charge your TrackPad and then you can use the pad for up to ten days.

The rechargeable battery pack can be easily connected to Magic TrackPad through a Micro-USB cable. According to Mobee, it is very easy to install and requires no particular expertise. You just have to plug the device into any of the USB ports of the TrackPad and it starts charging.

The Mobee Power Bar comes with one-year warranty. Mobee claims that the product is eco-friendly and thus, makes a fine choice for users. Also, Mobee states on the official website that it’s a cost-effective way of recharging your TrackPad. The Mobee Power Bar is currently available for pre-orders for a price of $29.90.

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