Unpatched Java Versions Blocked In OS X With XProtect Update

Java has been in the hot seat for quite a while now. The widely-used software has been criticized by security analysts and users alike for a lack of adequate security, with the U.S. government even recommending the users to stop using it. Now, Apple has updated its XProtect malware-handling system in OS X so that it has started blocking unpatched Java versions.


With this new XProtect update, OS X machines will no longer run any versions of Java before Java After a whole host of security issues were discovered, even in the recent versions of Java, Oracle recently dished out an update to patch the latest versions. The aforementioned Java version allowed by XProtect received this patch and is, thus, safe to run on an OS X machine

If you are an OS X user and after the XProtect update, you are no longer able to load Java applets on your machine, it means that the version of Java installed on your machine is no longer supported. In this case, you can download the latest version of Java by updating Java through the Java Control Panel in OS X system preferences.

Alternatively, you can navigate straight to Oracle’s website and download the version on your own. Although Oracle has tried, over recent months, to make the software securer, it has fell terribly short of ensuring that. As a result, an increasingly large number of platforms are ditching the software due to the security risks it carries.

Courtesy: CNET

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