5 Apps to Help You With Your Job Search

Whether you are a college senior with some room in your schedule or a recent graduate who is ready to join the workforce, the time has come to start looking for a job. While your parents probably looked in the classifieds for work, times have definitely changed. Now, thanks to some innovative apps, you can network with potential employers, find available jobs and work on your resume all from your smartphone or tablet. Here are just five apps to check out:

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The LinkedIn app helps you network, get the latest updates from your professional contacts and search for jobs and companies in your field. You can follow influencers and groups to read in-depth and educational articles about various job industries. You also can use the LinkedIn app to save and apply to jobs that are automatically recommended to you through your profile.

Indeed Job Search

Show the free Indeed Job Search app to your folks, and they will be blown away. This app gives you access to millions of jobs from thousands of job boards and company websites from around the world. You can use your smartphone’s GPS feature to help the Indeed Job Search app find jobs near your home or school, and even use it to write a great resume. Plus, the app remembers your most recent job searches so you don’t have to start over each time, and new jobs are sent to your email account. Finally, you can follow your dream companies to be alerted about any openings.

Resume Builder Pro

For $3.99, the Resume Builder Pro app can help you compose and send a professional resume from your mobile device. The creators of the app understand that writing a resume can be a confusing and overwhelming experience, so it does all of the layout work for you. The app uses your LinkedIn profile to create your resume, and you can export the finished document to your inbox, Dropbox account or other programs.

Monster.com Interviews

The free Monster.com Interviews app offers step-by-step advice and reassurance to help you get through every step of the job hunting process. The app features advice from industry experts on how to research a company, prepare for an interview and follow up with employers after the interview. You also can use the app to organize your upcoming interviews so you don’t make any mistakes or miss any of them. Additionally, you can use it to record practice answers to common questions through audio or video.

Interview Buzz LITE

Part of what makes job interviews nerve wracking is not knowing what types of questions you’ll have to answer. But now, thanks to the Interview Buzz LITE app, you can review and practice dozens of common questions before you go to your interview. The free app includes over 50 interview questions along with suggested answers. It also has an interview do’s and don’ts section, tips on how to dress appropriately and even how to tie a tie.

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