The Best iPhone Games of 2018

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If you are a game lover, then I suggest you buy an iPhone. The iPhone is the best choice for you because it has bigger screens such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 8 and also iPhone X. The iPhone’s App Store is of high quality and makes a perfect game platform. There are more than a million apps giving an unlimited gaming option.

However, it’s not always easy to find the best games. So, we are here today with the best games which are available for your iPhone.

Pokémon Quest

Nowadays Pokémon Quest is a very famous game around the world. The free Pokémon Quest game is set in Tumblecube Island where everything is cube-shaped. Inside this game, while you are on Tumblecube Island, you must battle with wild Pokémon and search for hidden treasure and also explore new areas.

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HQ is a live trivia game where it will give you the chance to win cash prizes, but this chance will have only within 12 rounds. Every day the show airs at 9 p.m. ET with additional shows at 3 p.m. on weekdays.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on iOS. It has been remastered and improved especially for mobile. It is a third person 3D game in the GTA series. Inside this game, you play as Carl Johnson, who has run away from the pressure of life in Los Santos, a city going into trouble with gangs, corruption, and drugs. His mother has been killed, his family has fallen separate and his friends are going towards disaster. After many years, he has returned home to save his family, friends, and city.

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The Game Of Life

The Game of Life is a board game which has three multiplayer options like pass-and-play with up to four people, playing against the computer, playing against another person. By playing this game, you can feel personal life experience like having family, attending college, starting a new career and so on. If your age is 13 or 13 plus, you can play with your Facebook friends and can chat with them in this game.

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Heads Up is a very different and fun new game that you can play it with your friends. With a wide range of accents, celebrities, animals and more -guess the word on the card by placing your iPhone on your head, so that you can’t see the card and explaining your friend’s clues within a short time.

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In, you are eating all in front of your path so that you can control your black hole. For more information, you are able to eat larger structures and objects in your path and also be careful with the opponent’s size because they can swallow you.

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The main character in Limbo is a boy who doesn’t have any name and awakens in the middle of a forest since childhood. In this game, when finding his missing sister, he faces many human characters who are trying to kill him, runs away and attacks him.

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Hello stars is a simple game where you are trying to draw lines that will guide a ball from its first point and the ball must touch all of the stars on each level. This concept is super easy, but, after continue playing this game, it will be difficult for you to touch the stars when the big objects are in front of you.

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If you cannot play Fortnite continuously on your gaming console or computer, you can download it on your iPhone. But, you will need an internet connection for playing on mobile. You have to fight with 100-player in this game and win this game if you kill all player.

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FROST ($5)

Frost is an extraordinary puzzle game which fills up with vibrant colors and powerful background music. You are presented with an orb of a special color along with a swarm of other colors in each level. In this game, your first job is to guide the exactly same color within the swarm towards the orb.

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