Adobe Photoshop Touch For Android And iOS Smartphones Is Finally Here

Adobe’s image-editing tools are probably one of the most widely used software around the globe. For long, smartphone users have waited for the company to launch an app which would bring these tools to the handsets. Now, the company has finally announced Photoshop Touch apps for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe’s Photoshop tools have already been made available for tablets in the past. Now, the company has furnished nearly the same kind of tools for the smartphones. Both the Android and iOS version of the new Photoshop Touch app for smartphones costs a cool $4.99.

But for most avid photographers, the price is worth it. The app comes with a number of filters, editing and adjusting tools for the images. A number of mainstream Photoshop features are also a part of these apps. For instance, the apps include selection tools, Scribble Selection to allow selection via finger movement and Camera Fill.

The range of filters is also fairly adequate and the app is directly connected to Adobe Creative Cloud so that the users can store their app data in the cloud and then access it easily from multiple devices. The good news are that once you purchase any of the smartphone apps from Adobe, you get to have a free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

For Android users, their handset needs to have Android 4 or later to be able to run the app, which is sized 20MB. As far as the iOS users go, they must have iOS 6 or later on their iPhones. The iOS app is sized 32.2MB. You can download the apps from the links provided below:

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android smartphones

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iOS handsets

Source: Adobe

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