Android 4.3 Spotted At Thailand Mobile Expo

Google conventionally takes the occasion of its I/O event to discuss its plans regarding the upcoming Android firmware releases. However, this year, the company had been unusually quiet about these plans, stirring many rumors and speculations. Now, what appears to be Android 4.3, has been spotted running atop Nexus 4.

Android 4.3

Since Google didn’t make any Android-related announcements at its I/O event, many analysts have cited that the company may bring together a separate event to unveil its next Android offering. The event is expected to take place some time during June this year.

It is quite a co-incidence, then, that just ahead of this expected event, Android 4.3 has been spotted in the wild. The images that have leaked on to the web show a Nexus 4 on stand at Thailand Mobile Expo. And on top of this device, Android 4.3, also known as Jelly Bean, is seen running.

Another image shows the exact version number of the firmware as well as the Baseband and kernel details, information which can be used to verify whether or not the device is actually running Jelly Bean. If indeed the software turns out to be Jelly Bean, it hints that the actual release and availability of the next Android version is imminent. So, let’s have our fingers crossed for it and hope that Google does decide to lift the wraps in June.

Courtesy: Geek

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