Apple May Bring A Visually Flat Look In iOS 7

Apple’s WWDC 2013 event is scheduled to take place in June. It is expected that Apple will unveil the next versions of both iOS and OS X at the event. According to certain sources, Apple may include a major visual revamp in iOS 7, offering a more flat look.

iOS 7

Apple hasn’t made any significant changes in iOS over the last few versions. So a major revamp has long been due. The company has made a number of managerial changes in the team overlooking the development of iOS 7. Notable among these is the appointment of hardware designer Jony Ive as the director of human interface development across all of Apple’s products.

The current version of iOS offers a fairly non-flat visual appeal. But in iOS 7, Apple may render the overall visual look of the operating system as more ‘flat.’

Moreover, the tech giant also plans on increasing the interactivity of the OS by adding support for smarter gestures. This essentially means that with the very basic of gestures, you would be able to access most of the information. Apple’s iPhone sales have taken a slight hit in recent times and Wall Street gurus have been predicting rather dire future for the company.

But with a revamped iOS 7, Apple may be able to reinvigorate interest in iPhone and once again push the smartphone to the top. While Apple’s profits still trump those of its competitors, Samsung has taken a huge lead in terms of the smartphones sold every quarter.

Courtesy: CNET

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