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NFL Mobile apps bring the draft to you live on iPhone, iPad and Android and using this app on Draft Day was a complete waste as it was so slow and far behind the live broadcast on tv.The NFL GameCenter apps that have been kicking around for iPhone/iPod touch and Android phones have been updated for the 2011 season in Lite (free) and Premium ($1.99) forms.The couch companion intended iPad app is making its NFL Draft debut and adds on to the smaller format versions by including live video streams both from within the auditorium and from the studio the video highlights and interactive features…………..


The National Football League is in talks with pay-TV operators to distribute the NFL Network‘s programming over tablets and other computers and NFL Network channel carried by Comcast Corp., DirecTV Inc., Dish Network, Cox Communications, Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. NFL is seeking extra fees from those carriers to expand their offerings to tablets and computers and you can still get live updates via the NFL‘s apps for iOS and Android devices.Baseball’s At Bat 11, available for iOS and Android, scored good reviews in a recent App Smart column. But this month, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association updated their apps with playoff-specific features, and the N.F.L.’s app has new draft-day features worth checking out.NBA Game Time (free on Apple, Android and BlackBerry) includes live scores and statistic, a game schedule and a playoff bracket. A $5 upgrade down from $10 during the regular season gets you Game Time Plus, which includes home-and-away radio broadcasts and no ads.NHL’s GameCenter (free on Apple, Android and BlackBerry) also features live scores and stats, but now the app includes detailed pages and a photo gallery for each playoff series. The GameCenter Premium app (on Android, BlackBerry and Apple) now costs $5, down from $20 during the season. It includes radio broadcasts and video highlights.NFL ’11 Lite (free on Apple and Android) now includes alerts, photos and team-specific information from the draft.


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