AT&T LG Phoenix Cheap Android Phone Now Only $0.01 With Contract

If you want to buy a stylish Android phone with minimal cost then AT&T LG Phoenix is perfect smartphone for you. That’s very good news for the prospective Android smartphone owner, as the LG Phoenix is now sold by Amazon for just one cent ($0.01).

The specs include:

* Android 2.2 platform
* HSDPA 7.2 3G data speeds
* 600MHz application processor
* 3.2” 320 x 480 262k color full-touch display
* Wi-Fi/aGPS capable
* 160MB User Memory w/ microSD storage (up to 32GB)
* 2GB microSD card installed
* 3.2MP Auto-focus camera
* Stereo Bluetooth
* Quad-band GSM / Tri-band 3G (world capable)
* 1500 mAh long-life battery
* Text/Picture and Video Messaging support
* POP3/IMAP/Gmail/EAS email support

To get the device for that price, you’ll need to sign a new two-year service agreement with AT&T. The smartphone’s ‘normal’ price (read:what AT&T asks for it) is $49.99, with the same 2-year contract, so going the Amazon way will in this case save you almost $50.


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