BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha Device Preview Leak

Some photos of BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device has been leaked recently by Crackberry Forum. Previously, we have seen leaked images of Blackberry 10 OS prototype, which is in the development phase for a long time. But, sources said that the first BlackBerry 10 will be available this August with the new OS. Handset sale may start from October 2012. It seems that  development is close to finish, which means the handsets will be sent out to developers soon.

BlackBerry 10

The BlackBerry 10 pictures has been revealed by a member on CrackBerry’s forums, who describes it as a developer device rather than a production-ready model. Perhaps, the RIM want to avoid revealing the design of its final production models, by making the design of this developer device understated knowingly.

After official announcment, we hope to cover a review post. So, stay with us.

Source: CrackBerry

VIA: Neowin

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