BlackBerry 10 Screenshots Leaked, Show Off Exciting, New UI

Research-In-Motion had earlier announced that it will be officially unveiling BlackBerry 10 towards the end of January, 2013. Whereas that is still a few weeks away, the web has been abuzz with allegedly leaked screenshots of the user interface that BlackBerry 10 is going to pack.

BlackBerry 10

The latest crop of purportedly leaked screenshots of the BlackBerry 10 OS have come from a Vietnamese forum, Tinhte. The leaked images show the user interface of the new OS and to say the least, the new interface is quite impressive.

In one of the screenshots, you can see the icons of the main menu being overlapped by another sub-menu which is probably slide-over. For a touch interface, this would certainly be a treat. One of the images also gives a fleeting view of the BlackBerry Hub.

Moreover, we also get to lay our eyes on what looks a lot like the interface of Apple’s Siri. The image shows the screen with the message ‘What can I do for you?’ with a mic icon towards the bottom. Quite visibly, RIM is dishing out a voice-based personal assistant in the new OS if these images are to be believed.

The good part is that the redone user interface of BB10 does show that RIM has poured in a lot of effort and resources into this. And that for once, we may finally get to see something truly new from the company which was once the undisputed king of the smartphone arena.

Source: Tinhte

Courtesy: Engadget

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