Mozilla Previews New UI In Firefox For Android

Mozilla team has been working on redesigning the Firefox for Android app. Now, the initial changes that will be added to the app can be previewed in the Nightly build of the app. The new changes bring a new, clean look to the browser.

New UI In Firefox For Android

The new interface, which is being touted as the ‘biggest UI change in Firefox for Android’ essentially focuses on the overall design and interface of the app. The new interface is such that it lets you browse to different links and bookmarks with perfect ease.

When you tap on the URL bar in the redesigned Android app, you are taken to the Awesomescreen. Here, you can view your history of browsing, reading list, recent bookmarks and the most visited websites, all on one screen and in one place. This central collection of useful links can be an excellent resource to behold right after booting up the Firefox app.

However, this build is currently in the testing phase and if you have a knack of testing out future versions of Firefox through unstable builds, you might want to try your hands at the Firefox Nightly page.¬†For the rest of us who would rather wait for the actual version to come out, let’s hope that Mozilla team incorporates these changes in the actual Firefox for Android app soon enough.

Source: Nightly

Courtesy: Engadget

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