BlackBerry Music Streaming Service Is Coming

Research In Motion is preparing to roll out its own music streaming service for BlackBerrys in an attempt to compete with Apple and more reports suggested that the service will charge $5 a month for 50 songs. The BlackBerry Messenger Music Service will arrive as a beta in the U.S., Canada and the UK in early September and subscribers will not be able to export music to PCs, but they will be able to transfer it to their PlayBook tablet. RIM is aiming to use the new subscription music service as a source to revive interest in its BlackBerry Messenger functionality……………


BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is close to rolling out its own music streaming service that will work across its mobile devices, according to four people familiar with the plans. The new service is likely part of an attempt by RIM to improve its BlackBerry Messenger service as it competes with the mobile media platform strengths of rival Apple and Google’s Android. The new service is expected to be announced by Labor Day in the United States, September 5. RIM has been enhancing its BlackBerry Messenger offering, popularly known as BBM, since announcing its social platform at last September’s DevCon event where it unveiled the PlayBook tablet computer. BlackBerry smartphones do not offer a RIM-enabled way to buy music, although audio and other files can be loaded onto the devices from a computer. BlackBerry users can also download music apps from RIM’s store, including Slacker, Rhapsody and Pandora. The service runs over RIM’s proprietary network and tells a sender when a message has been received at the other end. Five dollars a month. Fifty songs you can share with your friends, but only on your BlackBerry and their BlackBerries.


The service will be offered in a standalone app that can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World and will only allow you to install up to 50 songs and the other details are below:

  • Users will have to download the new standalone BlackBerry music app from App World
  • Once installed, there should be a free trial (may vary by country/carrier – but expect a month free)
  • Once the free trial expires, the service will cost $5/mo.
  • With the app installed, you can choose up to 50 songs of your choice. Apparently the catalog selection is pretty good!
  • From there, you invite your contacts via BBM, etc. to also download the app if they don’t have it and join your music sharing network (invited contacts must pay the $5/mo. also to take part and remain part of the service).
  • From there, you can listen to not only the 50 songs you’ve selected), but any of the 50 songs from your music sharing network. So if you have 20 contacts, you’ll have access to 1,000 other songs in addition to your 50. We’re not sure yet if there’s a limit to how many people you can share with, but essentially the more people in your music sharing group the more music you’ll have access to.

BBM Music will be about personalizing your phone, in the same way that ringtones supposedly did a decade ago and since each person can store up to 50 songs, you could potentially access 1,000 additional songs if you have 20 contacts invited on your network.


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