Response To BlackBerry Z10 Is Lower Then Expected

The BlackBerry Z10, the company’s first phone sporting BlackBerry 10 OS, was officially launched on January 30, and within a short time it was available in UK and Canada. The device is rapidly expanding to other markets as well; the latest addition is the U.S. But the pre-order volume in the U.S. is below expectations.

BlackBerry Z10

AT&T started accepting BlackBerry Z10 pre-order on March 12, and Verizon followed on March 14. The smartphone went on retail at AT&T yesterday, and will be live at Verizon on the March 28.

However, pre-order volume of BlackBerry Z10 is “light and below expectations” in the U.S.,said Jeff Johnston of Detwiler Fenton & Co. Jeff thinks, BlackBerry has an awareness problem in the U.S. Although the company had a good response with the OS, it failed to grow device awareness for the prospective customers.

According to BlackBerry, it got orders for 1 million units of devices based on its BB10 OS from a larger partner. BlackBerry is taking on big advertising campaigns to grow awareness among prospective customers. But the million dollar investment can push it far from break-even. Let’s see if it achieve considerable success in luring consumers.

Source: Barrons

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