Desktop Builds Of Firefox ‘Mobile’ OS Available

Earlier this month, Mozilla Foundation announced the development of a new standalone mobile OS under the Firefox brand – Firefox OS. The effort was supported by several operators throughout the world, and also received support from ZTE and TCL Communication Technology. Firefox OS is expected to arrive commercially on 2013. But, the development team has already released a desktop build of the mobile OS, this week.

Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Tony Chung announced the news on his blog. He acknowledged that due to legal contracts the mobile OS can’t be ported to mobile devices right now. But, the desktop build will let developers and testers play with the new OS.

Tony has invited interested testers and contributors to get involved with the project. The blog post reads, “We encourage anyone interested to give the desktop builds a spin (available on Mac, Windows, and Linux), and get involved with the project!”

The desktop builds of Firefox OS is available in Mozilla repository, and being updated regularly. The setup instructions are available at Gaia/Hacking.

Firefox OS is built on to HTML5. It has three basic software layers – Gonk (kernal, HAL, and low-level components), Gecko (rendering engine, web APIs), and Gaia (HTML5 User interface layer). For more testing information visit

Thanks To: PCMag

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