Find Your Way And Seats With Nokia Public Transport App

Imagine a situation where your device not only shows you the path, every short-cut and every road. Now imagine that this device also lets you find the trains, buses or trams that are near you so that can get a seat as easily as possible. This is precisely what Nokia aims to accomplish through the Public Transport app.

The Public transport app is a very useful one from Nokia. Currently, it covers the travel information, information about the public transport modes about nearly 80 cities. The outcome of such an app necessarily is that shall you travel to any of the cities that are included in the list, you won’t have to carry half a dozen maps or the schedules of the local transport. You wouldn’t have to go looking for the nearest station or bus terminal. And naturally, you won’t get lost over a wrong turn.

All these relevant details will be on your Nokia phone, right in your very hands. The voice-guided turn-by-turn walk navigation is perhaps one of the most useful tools that you may have when you go travelling. You can also save the favorite destinations on your desktop so that you could access them quickly with a single tap.

This feature of public transport directions will also be available with Nokia N9 and Nokia Lumia.

Image courtesy puatron.

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