Google Maps For iOS Finally Released, Tops The iPhone App Store

In a huge and rather overwhelmingly pleasant surprise to the iOS users, Google Maps for iOS has finally landed in the App Store. In other words, iOS users will once again be able to access the best mapping solutions on their mobile devices. The app has already topped the iPhone App Store’s free apps section.

Google Maps for iOS

When Apple dished out iOS 6, it decided to ditch Apple Maps in favor of its own Maps app. However, the result was quite different from what Apple expected. Its own Maps app was an abysmal failure mainly because it was all messed up, with locations pinned wrongly and users complaining of ending up at unexpected destinations.

It was expected that Google would soon release a Google Maps app for iOS. However, the search giant bided time probably to show the world who rules the arena when it comes to mapping solutions. Fears were also cited that Apple may not approve a Google Maps for iOS app out of a sense of rivalry.

But those fears are allayed now that a Google Maps app for iOS has finally landed in the App Store. The app comes with an excellent interface and a very intuitive user experience, so much so that some are calling it even better than its Android counterpart. It features all the essentials such as the turn-by-turn navigation.

Also, not very surprisingly, the app has already reached the top of the list in the iPhone App Store’s free apps section. It’s not surprising because iOS users have been terribly annoyed with Apple’s Maps and have been desperately waiting for the Google Maps to arrive on the App Store – and now that the app is finally here, no wonder that millions are downloading it right away. To download Google Maps for iOS, click right here.

Source: Google

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