Google Wallet, Not Inculded in The New Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Despite being a phone build under the Google banner and encasing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus reportedly will not come equipped with the Google Wallet feat when the time comes to go on display on Verizon’s network. You should be worried, not only will the NFC technology for mobile payments be lacking, but there will be no Google Wallet apps available for download on the Android Market. Although the option is not entirely out of the question, yet.

So why is this happening? Well, spokesman Jeffrey Nelson attempted to give an explanation for this move, saying that in order for Google Wallet to work properly on Verizon phones new hardware elements must be integrated because, Google Wallet is special. The application doesn’t just access the operating system and basic hardware on the phone like other application. It has a special design made available by Google, and it needs the integration.

In order to solve this problem (possibly), Verizon has joined forces with AT&T and T-Mobile to create a new mobile payment system which they have baptized Isis, and which of course uses NFC technology. Sprint’s Nexus S phone, sported the first version of Google Wallet, and also relied on NFC technology.

Analysts have noted, and rightfully so, that Google Wallet is facing major battles without the support of the three major US carrier, now that they have apparently aligned their straight in building a worthy competitor.

The LTE version Galaxy Nexsus has seen many delays because of the issues Google has been having with contract terms, privacy problems and Verizon’s overall control over the phone feats and apps.


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