Fleksy Starts Offering iOS App For Free

Auto-correct options on a touchscreen device can be a disaster at times. We have seen many such goofs going around the web as memes. However, Fleksy’s predictive keyboard app has been remarkably spot on in dishing out accurate corrections of mistyped words. The company has announced that its iOS app will be available for free from now on.


Fleksy’s iOS app is excellent in that it provides fairly accurate corrections while you type away on the iPhone or iPad. The native keyboard on iOS devices isn’t even passingly as good. That is precisely why that despite being priced at $4.99, the app has been a success across the iOS platform.

Now, in a rather surprising move, the company has announced that it has made its iOS app available for free. And this is not a temporary offer – the app will be free for all iOS users from now on. Flexy explains the reason for this grand move, “We feel that making Fleksy part of the daily lives of many more people will help us continue to showcase how smartphones can be made both more accessible and useful for everyone.”

Moreover, the company hopes that making the app free will lead to better innovations in this area in the coming days. In a recent update, the company has also added a special button to the app. The button essentially lets you send an email to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, asking him for a native OS-level integration of Fleksy. That is an interesting feature indeed, but it remains to be seen how effective it would be in swaying the Apple chief.

Source: Fleksy

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