HP WebOS Phone Way Too Similar With Palm Pre3?

HP entered the smartphone market just like their competitor Dell, only to discover how hard it is to make an impression. While they have been very successful in the laptop, notebook and the desktop PC markets, the smaller niche seems a bit tight for this giant.

HP WebOS Phone Way Too Similar With Palm Pre3?

So far they have not had much success with their efforts in capturing the mobile computing market. It is very hard for a company to change its profile from its strong niches and to start picking up on “fancy” niches. That’s possibly the reason why Apple is that great – they are focused on their products.  But that does not seem to have bothered HP much since it seems they are more likely to continue their journey in the current direction.

Rumor has it that they are going to launch a new phone and a leaked photo has confirmed it. But the photo is so blurry that the only features that can be figured out are the front camera and an approximate screen resolution of 480×800 pixels. This form factor is somehow similar to the Pre 3 that has been around for a while.

Some say HP has made the right choice to stick with a proven attempt whereas others have criticized the attempt as not exploring the possibilities of a new design. Well, at least one thing is new, the OS. It is said to have webOS.

The similarity ends as Pre 3 has a keyboard and this one does not due to the bigger screen. That made it look  a lot like their competitor HTC’s EVO with a webOS. The phone is yet to be named while some are suggesting it might be codenamed ‘Stingray’.


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