HTC 7 Pro: U.S. Cellular’s New Windows Phone

U.S. Cellular’s smartphone lineup, one thing stands out. As staunch supporters of mobile platform diversity and consumer choice, this is a very good thing. With the exception of a couple of BlackBerrys, Android completely dominates. U.S. Cellular’s first Windows Phone 7 phone is a solid effort, although the HTC 7 Pro will disappoint those looking for a large, vibrant screen.

The HTC 7 Pro features a durable design with a responsive slide open the QWERTY keyboard, a tilting screen. The keyboard itself has rubbery buttons that are easy to press, and the HD video capture and playback are perks.

Although it’s a fine phone, the HTC 7 Pro isn’t at the top of the Windows Phone game. The screen isn’t as vibrant as all its peers’, and the camera software could perform better for indoor shots. The experience as a whole suffers a bit from the first-generation Windows Phone 7 software, although there is copy and paste, and it will be upgradable to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango after that update launches this fall, an addition that will automatically give the HTC 7 Pro a boost.

We happy with the new phone as a midrange device, though it is ot that high-end stunner Microsoft needs to compete against Android.
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