Images Of BlackBerry 10 OS Leaked

Although BlackBerry has been going down in the good books of most tech reviewers, the company has been able to redeem itself by making some managerial changes, undoing some unwise decision and making the smart decision of launching BlackBerry 10 by the turn of this year. While we haven’t been told by RIM exactly what will the new OS comprise of, some leaked info as well as images are now available which show that the new OS will be a major revamp of RIM’s software.

One major speculation has been that BlackBerry OS 10 will essentially be build upon PlayBook OS. Of course to do this, a number of changes had to be made to PlayBook OS to make it go more with the smartphone experience. These leaked images now seem to corroborate this claim.

The most prominent feature of the interface, as far as we can see from the leaked images, is that RIM is apparently introducing the ‘widget’ to it’s home screen. Of course the inspiration may have come directly from Android interfaces and specifically that of Windows 8 home screen. The icon tray also contains icons which are rendered much better and are aesthetically appealing in their looks.

The images also depict the Universal Inbox feature as part of the new OS. Other images do seem the point that video chat through the front camera will be available with the new OS. From the looks of the leaked images, I think it’s time analysts re-did their scores for RIM and decided not to rule it out of the smartphone game, yet.

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