Kazaa Music Streaming App For iOS

Kazaa the former peer-to-peer file sharing app has released a legit music streaming app for iOS and this app compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which itself is completely free and includes a seven-day trial of the Kazaa music service. Kazaa has offered several legal music service models, the latest of which providing unlimited, on-demand music streaming for $10 per month and the iOS app allows subscribers to search and listen on demand, download any song, album or playlist, create, sync and access playlists anywhere, listen to Kazaa Radio, and access higher audio quality options………………


Atrinsic Inc., a marketer of direct-to-consumer subscription products, including Kazaa – a digital music subscription service, announced today that its streaming music application is now available for download through Apple’s App Store. The Kazaa app can be downloaded for free users can enjoy a free seven day trial. All subscribers get access to Kazaa’s constantly updated catalogue of millions and millions of songs. “Our goal is to allow our subscribers to access whatever music they want, whenever and wherever they want it in the easiest way possible with the highest quality service. The launch of our app today makes it even simpler for our users with Apple devices to do this. This marks another important step forward in Kazaa’s product development. We look forward to continuing to improve Kazaa’s web and mobile services in every way. Kazaa mobile will be available on more and more devices in the future. The Kazaa music library, which already contains millions of songs from all four of the major labels, will continue to grow; we expect to add millions of more tracks from thousands of independent record labels. Our customer experience and our value proposition will continue to improve and be refined,” said Stuart Goldfarb, President and CEO of Atrinsic, Inc. “The music industry – and the way that music listeners consume music — is going through tumultuous and fundamental change. Kazaa is well positioned to embrace this opportunity.”



  • Search and listen on demand: Find all the music you want. Unlimited listening to any artist, album or song at any time in any order. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, skip and shuffle. Even view the cover art for all albums and tracks.
  • Unlimited downloads. Download any album, song or playlist so you can listen to music even when you are offline – out of cell or WiFi range and have no connection.
  • Create, sync and access your playlists. Everywhere. Your playlists, your favorite tracks, your favorite artists are synced instantly,  seamless integration of Kazaa across web and mobile.
  • Kazaa Radio. Only Kazaa offers a vast variety of artist based radio stations, as well as radio stations specifically created for and recommended to each of our subscribers. Sit back and discover music you will love.
  • Higher audio quality options. Subscribers have the option to receive either standard or high quality audio streams and/or downloads.

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