Leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM For Nexus S 4G

If you are the proud owner of a Nexus S 4G and have been waiting for Android’s latest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich to arrive at your phone, here’s the news: the wait is over. Although there still is no official update, a leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Nexus S 4G had reached the xda-developers forum. The ROM is stable and has been reported to be working perfectly well, even enhancing the WiMax speeds on the handset. Read further for the download link.

The users of Nexus S 4G have been desperately waiting for an ICS update. The ICS update has been available via third-parties but no update has been released officially by Sprint for the device. This new leak, however, seems like an official ICS ROM that may be officially released soon. Lucky for the users, it has already leaked into the online realm and is available for download here\.

Users on the xda-developers forum have so far rated the ICS ROM good, citing that the update considerably enhances WiMax speeds on Nexus S 4G. There may be a certain risks involved in updated to an unofficial version of ICS on your Nexus S 4G, so you should be acquainted with them before your take the leap.

Image courtesy abulhussain.

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