Microsoft Introduces Augmented Reality Bing Translator For Windows Phone

Imagine you are walking in a country other than your native homeland. You don’t know the language spoken there and are really hungry. Now all you have do if flash your mobile’s camera in front of a hotel’s menu and the device display an augmented reality view of real-time translation overlaid on the actual text. Well, that’s what Microsoft’s new Bing Translator for Windows Phone does.

The applications and benefits of such a point-and-scan translator are virtually infinite. You can point at sign-boards, posters, train schedules and a whole lot of other texts to discern what it means if you don’t know the language they are in.

The best part about this translator is that it doesn’t essentially have to rely on internet to furnish translations for you. That can be very annoying and may be disruptive, depending upon your internet connection. However, your Bing Translator for Windows Phone doesn’t need internet to help you. All you have to do is download the language pack of whatever language you will be translating and that’s it. Now you can go around using your device without any access to internet and still be able to translate text in real-time.

Another very useful feature of this Bing Translator app is that if you want to speak to a local, all you have to do is utter it in a supported language that you know, say English, and then tap the screen to translate it into, say German. So you can speak in English but yet the mobile will translate that and speak it in German for you.

If you have a Windows Phone, this is one of the most useful apps for the device and you surely don’t want to miss it. You can get it right away from Windows Phone Marketplace over here.

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