Opera Launches ‘Ice’ Mobile Web Browser For iOS And Android

Opera’s popularity has diminished over the recent years. In the face of a whole forage of new web browsers, Opera has struggled to stay relevant. Opera Software has launched a new browser, namely Opera Ice, in an attempt to tap the mobile browser market. This new browser has been specifically designed to run atop smartphones and tablets.

Opera mobile ice

There is already an Opera mini web browser for the mobile platform. Opera says that the new Ice browser will not exactly replace Opera mini. The browser will be available as a new app from Opera.

The Ice browser comprises of an icon-based interface. The developers behind the creation of this new browser say that they have tried to keep things as simple and neat in the new browser as possible. The idea behind Ice, it seems, is to clear out the normal clutter that is found in other mobile browsers.

For instance, the Ice browser hide the URL bar once the user enters the address of a website. This, the developers behind Ice believe, is going to provide users with a greater viewing area. The browser has also designed a user interface without buttons and menus. It rather provides the user with an interface which can be controlled with screen taps and gestures.

Moreover, Ice is based on WebKit which is the same rendering engine used by Google. Commenting on the new browser, Opera CEO Lars Boilesen, “We need to focus on getting strong products out on iOS and Android.” To get a glimpse of the new browser, watch the video below.

Source: Pocket-Lint

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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