Microsoft Sheds Light On Upcoming Windows Phone 8 Update

The upcoming Windows Phone 8 update is arriving in a few days. The company has published the details of the update, divulging the changes that it will bring to Windows Phone devices. However, from the looks of the details, the update wouldn’t include any major fixes.

Windows Phone 8

The update has been termed ‘General Distribution Release 2’ (GDR2) and it brings a number of fixes to Xbox Music. Among the changes that this update brings are the restoration of the FM radio feature as well as a Data Sense app that wouldn’t be limited to any given wireless carriers and which will come with a number of data usage options.

Moreover, the update also brings a number of HTML5 support features to Internet Explorer, better Skype performance as well as stable Lync. While these features are certainly important, the truth is that the update fails to bring any major changes or fixes to Windows Phone.

Apparently, the reason for this minor update is that the company is currently focused on the ‘Windows Phone Blue update’ which is expected to arrive in early 2014. Microsoft personnel vow that the Blue update will bring a number of major changes to the Windows Phone platform. The future Windows Phone updates are expected to bring GDR3 support to 5-inch and 6-inch Windows Phones.

The company originally had plans of rolling out Windows Phone update far more frequently, but due to the delays in testing new hardware, the pace of these updates has slowed down.

Source: Windows Phone

Courtesy: The Verge

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