Microsoft Updates Windows Phone App For Windows 8

Windows 8 has been out for quite a while and a sizable number of users seems to have transitioned to it on their PCs. To accommodate for this, Microsoft has updated its official Windows Phone app for Windows 8. The updated app comes with a whole lot of new features.

Windows Phone app

Thanks to this new update, users who own Windows Phone 8 smartphones and also have a PC which runs Windows 8, can hook up their mobile devices to their PC without any qualms. Not only that, the update allows the transfer of media between the two extremely easy.

For instance, you can easily move playlists and ringtones from your Windows 8 PC to your Windows Phone 8 smartphone. However, there are a few restrictions that ought to be followed in this procedure. For instance, while transferring a ringtone from your PC to the smartphone, you must ensure that the file type is ‘.m4r’ and that its size does not exceed 30 MB.

With the help of the updated app, you can also watch the videos you capture straight on your Windows Phone 8 device. Regardless of whether it is one of the Lumia handsets or a Windows Phone 8 smartphone from HTC or some other vendor, you will be able to utilize the new features of the updated app across all these handsets. You can download the updated app right here.

Source: Windows Store

Courtesy: WP Central

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