Mozilla Updates Firefox OS Simulator To Highlight More Features

Mozilla has been trying to attract more developers to its Firefox OS platform. Since there are barely any real-world phones available running the platform, the company dished out a Firefox OS simulator to facilitate the developers. Now, Mozilla has released version 4 of the simulator, offering a peek at new features.

firefox os simulator 4.0

The simulator can be added to Firefox as a browser add-on and with version 4, a number of new features have been added to it. For instance, developers can now test out touchscreen events by emulating them through mouse clicks. This lets the developers discern the touchscreen functionality more closely without using the OS on a touchscreen device.

Moreover, the new version of the simulator also offers a style editor tool that can be used to create and test out CSS formatting. Developers can also try their hands at the functionality of completely resetting an app. This can be done with the help of certain commands, such as Ctrl+R, which essentially wipes out locally stored information.

Although the simulator is meant for desktop machines, it comes packed with excellent functionality which lets developers simulate a number of such features which are directly relevant to touchscreen devices, on which the Firefox OS is meant to run.

A number of vendors have already released Firefox OS smartphones whereas others are lining up to be on the list. However, Mozilla is yet to ink deals with the major smartphone resellers and wireless giants, in order to bring the limelight to Firefox OS.

Courtesy: CNET

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