Desire HD Gets HTC Sensation ROM

Desire HD gets first crack at leaked HTC Sensation ROM and needs some tailoring for it to fit.The port isn’t perfect, those who dive in will lose camera support and the images need some resizing to properly fit on the HD’s 800 x 480 display, but brave souls who hit the source link for the download still get all those mellifluous movements that Sense 3.0 provides……..


The leaked HTC Sensation ROM is now up and running on the older, but still relevant, HTC Desire HD. It’s nearly a test run and many things still don’t work yet. For example, if you’re brave enough to test the waters, you’ll be lacking capabilities such as the camera, video camera, certain widgets, some sounds and probably more. The big picture here is that HTC Sense 3.0 has been adapted to work on the Desire HD, which means we’ll likely see fully functioning ROMs built around it for similar devices in the near future.xda-developers member capychimp used a recent ROM dump of the upcoming HTC Sensation to piece together a custom ROM for the HTC Desire HD. This ROM is based on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and includes Sense 3.0. This begs the question: is the hardware in the Desire HD (and other Desire series devices) actually underpowered for the UI? It may be as simple as allocating company resources to support newer devices and for that we can’t fault the manufacturer.Now back to the custom ROM. As with most custom ROMs, the bug list is extensive (for now). If you are new to the game we’d recommend sitting on the sidelines for a while at least until the major issues can be ironed out. For the adventurous folks, head right on over to the xda-developers thread below and take Sense 3.0 for a spin on your Desire HD.


Download HTC Sensation ROM For Desire HD : Here , Mirror Torrent

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Sources :electricpig,smartkeitai

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