Next Windows Phone May Arrive During This Holiday Season

Microsoft was able to grab the limelight for the Windows Phone platform when it released Windows Phone 8. The release brought a number of significant upgrades to the mobile platform. Now, hints from the company’s job listings reveal that the next Windows Phone release may be slated for the holiday season this year.

Windows Phone

The hints were found in a recent job listing on Microsoft’s Careers site. The listing seeks a software development engineer who can work on Windows Phone software. In the listing, the company goes on to state that ‘this is a great time to join as we’re completing our current release [and] are getting ready for our next release targeting the holiday of this year.’

Naturally, the above-quoted sentence essentially refers to the next Windows Phone release. In terms of the release schedule too, this makes sense. The company released Windows Phone 8 back in October 2012. So it would make sense for Microsoft to dish out the next major upgrade nearly a year later.

A number of reports in the past have cited that the new Windows Phone release from Microsoft is codenamed ‘Windows Phone Blue.’ Although we don’t exactly know what kind of upgrades the release will bring to the Windows Phone platform, it has been hinted that WP Blue will introduce substantial user-interface improvements as well as kernel-level updates for the platform.

Source: Microsoft Careers

Courtesy: Mashable

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