Facebook Phone Finally A Reality?

A number of sources have hinted that the rumors may be true about a Facebook phone being launched by the largest social network on the web. Although so far Facebook has been used as an app on a number of mobile platforms, the sources reveal that Facebook has finally made a deal with HTC for the production of Facebook phone. The phone may be named ‘Buffy.’

Facebook at the core of HTC smartphone:
According to the sources, the social network has sealed a deal with the Taiwan-based cell-phone maker, HTC. The plans are that such a phone will be build which will have Facebook at the core of it’s being. What exactly that means remains to be seen when the phone will be released which is speculated to be around 1.5 years from now.

Although Facebook had so far concentrated on the users from the perspective of being just an app, the cut-throat competition and the lucrative profits in the mobile market have apparently forced it to re-consider this. In recent times, many software-based tech companies such as Google and Microsoft have jumped the bandwagon of smartphone and now Facebook’s possible entry into the market shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Interestingly, the name for phone will be ‘Buffy’ an unnamed source tells. Facebook refused to comment on this possibility but did say that Facebook wants every smartphone to be deeply social so that the users can interact with other better and can have strong interactive experiences.

Analysts have also speculated that if Facebook wants to stay afloat in the coming years, it will have to tap into the smartphone market. With an increasingly large number of smartphone users around the globe, this decision and its consequence success may well define Facebook’s future.

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