Report: Only 1.6 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices Sold in Q1

According to Gartner, Out of 3.6 million Windows-based phones sold in Q1 of 2011, only 1.6 million were Windows Phone 7 models. The figure is based on device sales into consumers pockets rather than device shipments to operators.

Microsoft revealed in January that it had shipped 2 million Windows Phone 7 devices to mobile operators since launch. Gartner’s smartphone OS standings look like this:

According to Gartner, the low sales of the WP7 handsets are due to lowered consumer interest and telecommunications companies preferring to market and sell Google’s Android devices.

Comparatively, Apple sold 16.9 million iPhones in the same quarter, or ten times more than Windows Phones, though Google Android devices are currently dominating the smartphone market thanks to wider availability of handsets from phone manufacturers.

On the device side of the equation, smartphones were 23.6 percent of total mobile device sales in the first quarter. Overall, 428 million mobile devices were sold in the first quarter, up 19 percent from a year ago.

Overall, Nokia remains the top mobile mover (including smartphones) this quarter with a 25.11 percent Q1 market share, and Gartner seems to think that this is due to a strategy of aggressively pushing lower priced Symbian devices just before the eventual switch to Windows Phone 7 products. Samsung comes in a strong second, while LG, Apple and RIM are a distant third, fourth and fifth respectively.

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