RIM Will Not Unveil Any BlackBerry 10 Phone This Year

Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer of RIM, has confirmed CNET that the company will not unveil any BlackBerry 10 smartphone this year. If your are a BlackBerry fan and waiting for the launch of the next-generation BlackBerry, then you have to wait till early next year. You will, however, get some sneak peek on more BlackBerry capabilities.

Leaked BlackBerry 10 smartphones

The late launch of BlackBerry 10 indicates that RIM’s next-generation BlackBerry will have some coruscation. Besides, RIM hopes that BlackBerry 10 will lead the company back into competition and reverse its market share losses. Mr. Boulben said that RIM wants to show off the capabilities of BlackBerry 10, but full details will not be revealed until closer to launch.

Source: CNET

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