Google Testing A New Proxy Feature To Speed Up Chrome In Android

A number of browser offer a specialized mobile version of their browser which is specially developed to enable faster surfing speeds. Google is trying to bring ‘Chrome for Android’ in that league by testing out a new proxy feature.

Chrome for Android

Browsers such as Amazon Silk on the e-retailer’s mobile devices and Opera Turbo make use of such features which let the users load web pages and crunch online data quickly. Google is trying to devise a similar feature for its Chrome browser on Android, although it has taken a different approach.

The feature that the company is testing out isn’t out in the open yet. Rather, it has been added to the open-source Chromium repository online, which means that it is available to Chrome developers for testing purposes.

The description of this feature states that it will be able to ‘Reduce data consumption by loading optimized web pages via Google proxy servers.’ In simpler words, the feature will be able to load pages faster by compressing the data effectively. To accomplish this, Google will be making use of its SPDY proxy servers which enhances the speeds of page loads.

If the feature gets out of testing and is implemented by Google in the Chrome for Android browser, it would mean that Android users will see better page-load speeds and less data consumption during their Chrome usage. If you are too eager to try your hands on it, yon can still enable it by running this switch ‘adb shell ‘echo “chrome –enable-spdy-proxy-auth” > /data/local/tmp/content-shell-command-line.’

Source: Francois Beaufort

Courtesy: TNW

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