Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Come This September

Already everybody knew that the new Galaxy Note’s manufacturing is going on. Even a few days before, the display size of the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 was not known. Now an internal source has confirmed that the display will be 5.5-inch. The design is inspired by the company’s Galaxy S III flagship smartphone. The thing is, Galaxy Note 2 release date has been moved to September instead of rumored October.

The reason of changing the release date of Galaxy Note 2 is, Samsung has wished to launch the Galaxy Note 2 to the market before Apple releases the iPhone 5 in October. Keep in mind that Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about it.

Rumored Specifications of Galaxy Note 2

  • a new Exynos 5250 chipset
  • a dual-core ARM-15 processor
  • 8MP camera with improved sensor
  • 2 GB of RAM

Source: Gsmarena

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