Samsung Used PenTile AMOLED Display In Galaxy S III Because Of Longer Life

Samsung was able to unveil its flagship smartphone, Galaxy S III, in a lot of style and thunder. The whole tech world was hooked up to the event to see exactly what the company is going to unveil and when S III was finally unveiled, a lot of us were indeed mesmerized. However, there are some things about S III that have failed to impress the tech world.

The most notable of these features is the fact that Samsung has used Pentile AMOLED Display in its new smartphone. A lot of us have been hoping for a higher-resolution, better-pixilated display. The world is fast moving towards higher-resolution devices, as we did see in Apple’s new iPad. But apparently, Samsung still thinks that AMOLED Displays have some life left in them.

AMOLED displays are by no means bad. In fact, they are really good and are able to show displays with very vibrant colors. However, one catch with such displays is that they may turn faulty over time. This, Samsung says, is a result of blue pixels on the AMOLED display.

However, the company that in S III, it used PenTile AMOLED displays which contains more green pixels than red and blue, so that the lifespan of the display has been extended far beyond its earlier lifespan. But, is it really necessary to extend the lifespan of a device that long, given the fact that consumers have a tendency to change their smartphone devices real soon these days.

Source: MobileBurn

Courtesy: The Verge

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