Screenshots Of Windows Phone ‘Tango’ Leaked

We have known for a while that Microsoft has been working on the next build of Windows Phone, being termed ‘Tango.’ However, the company itself hasn’t revealed much about the build but is expected to unveil it at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. Now, though, some screenshots of Windows Phone ‘Tango’ have been leaked which hint at a number of new features in the build, including enhancement to the MMS message feature.

According to the leaked news, Tango will enable the support for the attachment of multiples files to a MMS message. Also, with Tango, users will also be able to add video messages and send them through MMS. A native voice application may also be part of the package once Tango is unveiled.

One other notable thing that is known already about Tango is that it will be able to bring down the minimum hardware requirements of the users to 256 MB of RAM. This may make it accessible and usable for users who don’t necessarily tool a high-spec device. Also, it is now being said that the camera hardware may also be brought down to 3-megapixel limit with Tango.

However, if Tango users try to use application from the Windows Phone Marketplace which require a greater amount of memory, they will be warned by the system that they are out of memory. However, all these speculations may be put to rest once Microsoft unveils Tango at Mobile World Congress and we will learn the entire truth about it after all.

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