Unlock Your Smartphone And Tablet Using Voice Commands Through Nuance’s Dragon ID

Speech recognition is not something new and has been in the limelight in the arena of mobile platform in the form of Apple’s Siri and now, Samsung’s S Voice. However, there are still a whole host of possibilities that can be explored and speech recognition can be put to new uses. It would seem that Nuance has found one such use now.

Nuance’s Dragon ID is capable of discerning the voice of multiple users and unlocking the smartphone or the tablet when hearing the voice of its respective user. Moreover, it is capable of understanding a whole lot of languages which include French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

All the user requires it to say ‘Hello Dragon’ to the device and Dragon ID will recognize his voice and then unlock the device. The catch, however, is that Nuance seems to be stuffing a lot of functionality into this new release. Apart from being a voice print authentication tool, Nuance is also pushing it forward in the drape of yet another voice-based personal assistant.

We fail to see how Nuance hopes for its success when there already are some excellent voice-based assistant such as Siri and S Voice out there, covering both the iOS and Android arena.

The company has also revealed that Nuance can work with multiple homescreen and multiple accounts. Interestingly, this functionality is not yet available in a staggering majority of smartphones and tablets. The company has declared that Dragon ID is currently available only to ‘consumer device OEMs.’

Hints indicate that Nuance may have plans of launching the tool on PCs, potentially finding its way into dual-boot supporting Windows 8 tablets. But for that, we will have to wait and see.

Source: Nuance

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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    It would seem that Nuance has found one such use now.

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