Windows Phone Bing Vision Will Support Newspaper Matching In March

Microsoft has announced that it will soon update the Bing Vision service for Windows Phone devices. The service will be updated so that it will be supporting the feature of newspaper matching. The update will arrive in March. So what exactly is newspaper matching and what can it accomplish? Read below.

The realms of online and offline publications have been increasingly blurring. Newspaper which were once paper-based have gone entirely digital or if they haven’t, have become extinct. Just imagine that in such a digital-content world, you found an article in a newspaper that you found interesting and then wanted to share it on your social profile. But you will have to find it online and that will take time.

This is where newspaper matching comes in and solves your problem. All you have to do is take a shot of the article with your camera. And the Bing Vision service will look up the article and display it to you within no time. That way, you can immediately share an offline article in your own online world!

The service currently supports about 3,000 publications from around the world, a list we are sure must be including most of the major newspapers that we often hear of and includes both magazines as well as newspapers in it.

Microsoft also announced the barcode scanning feature of Bing Vision for users in UK this week. Through this feature, the users can scan the barcode of a product and then quickly compare the retail prices with the online prices which Bing Vision presents to them.

Image courtesy bfishadow.

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