Will Microsoft Integrate Xbox One With Windows Phone?

Microsoft recently unveiled its next-generation game console offering, Xbox One. The new console comes with a focus on non-game entertainment and many new functionality features. Interestingly, Microsoft didn’t make any mention of Windows Phone at the event, even when many had hoped that Xbox One and Windows Phone platforms may be integrated.

Windows Phone

Integration seems to be Microsoft’s umbrella strategy right now, with the company trying to bring together its Windows 8 machines close to the Windows Phone devices. The company apparently hopes to eventually merge the two into one – a single OS offering for all kinds of devices.

However, in this strategy, Xbox One seems utterly absent. The company didn’t make any mention of how it may integrate the new game console with its other platforms. But then, there’s plenty of time before Xbox One actually arrives in the market.

According to a Microsoft official who was responding the query that whether or not his company may decide to integrate Xbox One with Windows Phone, “Is there anything I can say? No. It doesn’t mean there’s nothing that’s being worked on. There’s some time between now and the delivery of Xbox One. It is true that the general idea of an increased seamlessness and integration across these elements is a goal.”

His statement hints that Microsoft is shying away from discussing any relevant plans for now. However, there’s a very real possibility that the company may eventually try to tie up its streaming entertainment hubs together, thus bringing together its gaming portal and the mobile OS.

Courtesy: PC Mag

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