Mozilla Releases Firefox 9 – Claims Better Security And Stability

For all those Mozilla Firefox fans out there who have faithfully stayed with this browser despite Chrome’s aggressive dominance, here are some good news. Firefox has released the latest version of their browser, Mozilla Firefox 9. According to the details on the official Mozilla website, the new version comes with fixes for a number of stability and security issues that users faced in the earlier version.

Improvements in the new version:
A number of users have already tested some of the features that are being shipped out in this version. And according to them, this version will surely be a lot better than the earlier one. Especially, the speed and stability issues faced by Linux users will be pretty much fixed in Firefox 9. You can download the latest version here.

The extensive list of bugs that have been fixed in this version can be found here.  According to the official claims, the news version comes with better support for HTML5, MathML and CSS standards. Type Interface feature has also been added while the support for font-stretch and text-overflow is much more enhanced.

Firefox has been increasingly diminishing in it’s market share and users have criticized it for scarce updates and no significant efforts in enhancing the security of this open-source browse. One can only hope that this latest release will try to address all these issues and will be a success in grabbing back the market share from other browsers, if it’s good enough.

Image courtesy Keng Susumpow.
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