Open WebOS Source Code For Galaxy Nexus Now Up For Download

WebOS, a mobile operating system, that once dominated the market was recently ported to work with the Galaxy Nexus. This hit the tech-community by surprise being that WebOS hasn’t announced anything in what seems like eternity. The WebOS team has released the source code needed to port the operating system to the Galaxy Nexus.

Originally, WebOS was created by Palm, than just over a year later acquired by HP. The PC-maker, Hewlett-Packard, has failed in allowing WebOS to reach its peak point. The potential was there, the trigger had just never been activated. Now that the WebOS for Galaxy Nexus source code is public, will we see the return of WebOS?

Although the source code has hit the internet, that doesn’t mean the bugs and issues are non-existent. Just like any other operating system the kinks will take some time to remove. With the help of the large tech community, these issues will resolve with input from multiple sources.

With the source code hitting the public domain, it shows HP has made sufficient progress in development, these past two years. Now we, the non-developers, can sit-back and watch the pros complete their porting jobs. All source code build instructions can be found on the WebOS Ports wiki page.

Source: Redmond Pie

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