PhotoEQ Makes Digital Image Improvement Simpler[How To]

SoftColor has released a software which makes digital image improvement simpler on Windows PCs naming as PhotoEQ. PhotoEQ gives you the tools for color correction, image editing and color management. You can process a singe image file or use PhotoEQ’s todo queue to batch process multiple image files and folders.
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Simple to Use

PhotoEQ has a lightweight single window graphical user interface. You can just drag and drop image files or folders to the PhotoEQ and start working.

Color Correction

PhotoEQ’s color correction automatically corrects white balance, exposure and contrast problems in single step.

Image Editing

PhotoEQ has tools and filters for resizing, cropping, rotating, straightening, sharping, de-noising and red-eye fixing.

Color Management

PhotoEQ has support for standard ICC profile based color management and it loads and saves embedded ICC profiles.

Layer Based Processing

Image Processing in PhotoEQ is non-destructive and layer based. Image editing tools can be used together with color correction or separately.


PhotoEQ gives a full control to fine tune automatic correction intensity and other automatic color correction adjustments.

Todo Queue

PhotoEQ has todo queue for collecting multiple images to one by one processing or all images batch processed automatically.

Batch Processing

After selecting adjustments and output settings for single image these settings are used to batch process and save all images from todo queue.

Support for Multiple Formats

PhotoEQ reads multiple digital image and camera RAW-formats. PhotoEQ saves edited images to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD formats.

Work with Others

PhotoEQ can boost your Adobe Photoshop and Indesign workflows by saving original and edited images to same PSD-file as separate layers.

How To Use

After installing the software the menu that will be appeared as follows.

When you select your desire image it will be appeared as

If you want to select a portion from the image that you want to edit, you can use the magnifier button. When you press the magnifier button the image look like as follows.

Now come at the main feature. The button that comes just after the magnifier button is color correction adjustment. With this button you can adjust the exposure and contrast of the selected portion. You can also adjust the custom white balance.

Then comes the rotate button. Through this button you can rotate your image at any angel or you can straight your image horizontally.

Next you get the custom size or pixel size button. You can resize your image resolution with this function.

You can crop the image by crop button.

When you press the crop button it appeares as follows.

Then you can crop the image with a fixed size that you want.

This image show when you crop the image.

With sharpen button you can sharp or unsharp the image.

Now here comes the magical function. You can remove the noise if any and blur it.

This button seems new one to me. With this button you can fix the red color. This functions will help you if you want to make a black & white image from a color image.

After selecting the desired portion the image looks like as follows.

After fixing red color it looks like.


SoftColor PhotoEQ makes color correction, image editing and color management tasks simpler. Just drag and drop image files or folders to PhotoEQ and you are ready to start improving your images. PhotoEQ’s todo queue helps you to organize and complete image editing tasks without any hassle. You can process files one by one or just batch process all with single click.

PhotoEQ simplifies working with color correction and color management. PhotoEQ’s automatic color correction corrects white balance, exposure and contrast problems in single step. PhotoEQ has full support for standard ICC-profile based color management and it supports embedded profiles. PhotoEQ can convert and render between different color spaces. For example conversion from RGB to CMYK.

View the following video to see PhotoEQ in action:

PhotoEQ license price is $33. You can download 10 day fully working trial of PhotoEQ from here

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